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The Dividing Head & Deluxe Lathe Accessories by David J. Gingery

Build Your Own Metalworking Shop from Scrap No. 6

Now that you've built the lathe, shaper, milling machine, and the drill press at almost zero cost, it's time to build the fancy accessories.

Build simple tools: compact clamp dog, heavy face plate, homemade hand reamers, mandrels for facing gear blanks and for cutting teeth, plus a simple fixture for tapping truly perpendicular holes by hand.

Build more complex tools: a simple two jaw chuck that can be self-centring for repetitive work and a four-jaw chuck with independent reversible jaws, and a steady rest.

Then, you'll build the dividing head that serves as a rotary table, too. This beauty is built around a standard 40 tooth worm gear, providing all divisions through 50 and all even and multiples of 5 through 100. Many other divisions up to 1960 are possible, and it's easy to make a special lathe for an unusual job.

Next you'll cut professional quality change gears to add screwcutting capability to your home-made lathe. Dave will show you how to make gear cutters for about $1 each. You'll get a conventional tumbler plate that provides left hand thread cutting, while the basic set of gears cuts all threads of standard inch sizes from 8 to 80 tpi. A fine feed range from 0.0025" per revolution to 0.005" is also provided. You even get a threading indicator for the carriage to simplify thread cutting on the lathe.

Code No. 004877, 160 pages, ISBN 1878087053, $17.00

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