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Small Internal Combustion Engines by E.T. Westbury

This is a practical handbook for the user of small gas, petrol or paraffin oil stationary engines, first published in 1950 and reprinted in 1993.

It covers the working principles of 2 and 4 stroke engine and describes the uses of these engines. The theory behind types of ignition systems are described, from hot plug engines, to spark ignition with magnetos or coils, and even low-tension ignition systems. The principles of carburation are dealt with along with gas mixing devices.

A further chapter deals with lubrication, cooling and silencing. There is also a section on installation and foundation preparation.

The following makes of engines are described in some detail: Crossley; Hartop; Lister; Petter; Ruston Hornsby; Stuart; Villiers; Wonder; Goodman.

Another chapter deals with converting gas engine to run on petrol, and converting petrol engines to run on gas, and lastly there is a section on troubles and remedies.

Code No. 005034, ISBN 185761030X, $27.00

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