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A Brief Treatise On Oiling Machine Tools

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Here's the "mother lode" on a topic of major importance to every machinist: 24 info-packed pages on:

How to make an oil gun - a really good one - in less than an hour. (This gun is a dream come true for Myford lathe owners, as it completely replaces the leaky, ineffectual oil gun supplied with these fine lathes. Even getting a full dose of oil into the main headstock pulley, for back gear operations, becomes a piece of cake! And all the other oil nipples are easier to do than that one, so you KNOW you are going to like this oil gun, if you have a Myford lathe.)

How to arrange for centralized oiling of machine tools using a one-shot oil pump or your new shop-made oil gun as described above; how to make and mount a centralized oiling manifold, what to use for oil lines, etc.

Info on oiling machine tools - what types of oil are appropriate where, and why. This info comes from the Myford factory, and from correspondence with my friend Dennis Danich, an experienced machine tool rebuilder who knows what happens when you don't oil machine tools properly. (And be sure to check out our video on Examining a Used Lathe and Milling Machine, which features Dennis.)

Complete working drawings for a very slick design of variable feed drip oil cup to fit lathes, mills, etc. Shows clearly whether oil is being fed or not, and lets you shut it off so you don't waste oil when the machine is off. You'll like it!

Complete drawings for pea-sized drip feed oil cups for model work.

And more, including a recipe for a good leadscrew lube, and how to go about grinding in a lathe without harming

8-1/2" x 11", paper cover, photocopy quality

Code No. 005576, 25 pages, $22.00

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