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Milling in Small Lathes by P. Marshall

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Subtitled: A Simple Explanation of some of the Processes employed and Tools used.

First published in 1951, reprinted in 1994.

The Preface of the book: Among the used to which a lathe can be applied, besides ordinary turning and screw-cutting, milling is perhaps the least resorted to both by professional and amateur workers. This is no doubt due to the assumption among amateurs that the cost of the cutters will bar them from any extend application. With practical engineers it is generally recognised that the installation of suitable milling machines is far better practice than adapting lathes for the purpose. In the case of amateurs, however, if they but realised how accurately and satisfactorily certain work can be carried out by methods of milling in the lathe, even with but a moderate range of cutters, there is no doubt that more of it would be done.

This handbook, which is compiled from the articles relating to the matter which have appeared in The Model Engineer, is intended as a guide to enable small-lathe uses not only to adapt their lathes for milling, but to successfully carry out the process.

Code No. 005853, 64 pages, ISBN 1857610598, $17.00

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