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Professional Smithing by Donald Streeter

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This is one of the very few manuals written by a recognized professional smith; in this case, one with over 50 years' experience, whose work appears in hundreds of restorations throughout the country. Here traditional smithing techniques are presented in clear, step-by-step text and photographs, enabling the reader to produce highquality, hand-forged small iron work. Included are detailed descriptions of work space layout, specialized tools and techniques, whitesmithing, toolmaking, and locksmithing. Mr. Streeter demonstrates not only how things are done, but how they can best be done by others. There is special emphasis on the crafting of early high-quality, handforged kitchen utensils, fireplace tools, locks, keys, and decorative ironware: hinges, hasps, latches, bolts, hooks, springs, and more. Students and professional and semi-professional smiths will find this volume of great practical value, as will collectors of early ironwork, historians, in fact, anyone interested in how these early products were made.

Code No. 007160, 144 pages, ISBN 1879335662, $41.00

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