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Ringbom Stirling Engines by James R. Senft

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Ringbom Stirling Engines provides a highly technical treatment of the entire field of Ringbom free displacer engines from the simple to the advanced and from small to large. First published in 1993 by Oxford University Press, it has been newly reprinted in its complete original high quality clothbound form. The book contains a lengthy introductory chapter covering the development of all types of Stirling engines with special emphasis on the mechanism problem. The second chapter describes the original Ringbom patent and its recent simple modification which transformed it into an engine capable of high speeds and rock-stable operation. For the mathematically inclined, following chapters develop formulas for calculating the stable operating range, phase angle, and power output of Ringboms. The book shows how to use this foundation to design Ringboms to run on low or high temperature differentials and concludes with a chapter on engine ideas for further exploration. The book is well illustrated and contains material not readily available elsewhere.

Code No. 007223, 189 pages, ISBN 0195077989, $160.00

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