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The Model Engineers Lathe Manual by E.T. Westbury

The late Edgar Westbury's first major book on lathes was the Model Engineers Lathe Manual published in 1951. This was subsequently revised and titled Metal Turning Lathes and in reprinting the work the original title has been used.


  1. The Evolution of the Lathe
  2. Modern Metal Turning Lathes
  3. Elements of Lathe Design
  4. Installation and Driving Equipment
  5. Accessory Equipment
  6. Tools and Tool Holders
  7. Turning Between Centres
  8. Chuck and Faceplate Work
  9. Boring and Internal Turning
  10. Screw-cutting and Die Threading
  11. Miscellaneous Lathe Operations
  12. Measuring, Marking-Out, and Testing


  1. Screw-cutting tables Myford ML7, 8 TPI lead screw
  2. Drummond Round Bed, 10 TPI lead screw
  3. Metric and Decimal Equivalents of fraction of an inch
  4. Tables of Threads, Whit., BSF, BA. ME Fine Threads, UNC, UNF
  5. Circumferences and Areas of Circles
  6. Draw-in Collets
  7. Standard Taper Shanks and Sockets
  8. Recommended Lubricants
  9. Surface Speeds for Machining Metals

Code No. 007409, ISBN 1857610989, $49.00

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