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Gas Engine Troubles and Installation by J.B. Rathbun (1911)

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First published in 1911, and written in clear, non-technical language, this book is a treasury of detailed information that collectors of early internal combustion engines will not want to be without. Once acquired, it will be frequently consulted as a comprehensive source of practical, systematic, and authoritative information.

Nearly two hundred photographs, diagrams, and charts amplify the text, making this definitive book, without a doubt, the most instructive and helpful book on the subject of early gas engines.

Particular attention has been given to the construction and adjustments of accessory equipment such as ignition systems and carburettors, since these are parts that are most likely to malfuntion and as a rule are the least understood parts of early petrol engines.

This is a book that will help you get your recently acquired engine running and keep it operating at peak efficiency. The wide and detailed coverage of this reference volume will provide the reader with information that is applicable to almost all early gas engines.

Code No. 007584, 444 pages, $45.00

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