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How to make a foot-operated workshop drill by Paul Smith

This manual, which describes how to build a drilling machine appropriate for use in rural workshops, gives full dimensions and assebly instructions. The machine, which is a vertical drill for use with either metal or wood, has drilled up to 12mm diameter holes in 12m steel plate.

It is necessary to make the machine in workshops which have electricity as well as some power tools (such as an electric welder), but once made, the machine can be distributed into less well equiped rural areas for use by billage blacksmiths and workshops.

All the materials used available sizes of metal, but any of those specified could be replaced by materials more easily available locally. The equipment used to manufacture the machine is: an electric welder, a portable drill, G-clamps, lockable pliers, a hacksaw, files, an engineer's square and a spirit level. Some operations would be made easier by the additional use of: sash clamps, power saw, an angle grinder and flame cutting equipment, but this is not essential. Some lathe work is required, but this could be contracted to a machine shop to supply a kit of the necessary parts.

The ability to make, locally, equipment for small farms and villages in rural areas, is increasingly being seen as very useful, both in developing more industrialized nations. Being built locally means it can be repaired locally, a very important point when considering remote rural areas, transportation costs and local self-reliance.

The clear illustrations and step-by-step building instructions make this a very practical manual for any small workshop wishing to increase its range of activities.

Code No. 007641, 47 pages, ISBN 0903031973, $14.95

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