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How to Build a Carbon Arc Torch by Don A. Meador

This book describes the construction of a carbon arc torch. The torch will enable you to use an AC arc welding machine to do the type of welding that you would normally do with Oxy-Acetylene welding equipment.

The carbon arc produces an intense light. It has been used as a source of light for over 100 years. It was used in World War II search lights. But not only does the carbon arc produce a bright light, it also produces an intense heat, which is ideal for arc welding.

One of the oldest forms of welding uses a single carbon rod. An electric arc is struck between the carbon rod and the job. The electric arc causes the carbon to slowly decompose producing a gas shield that protects the weld from the air. As the arc melts the job, a filler rod is used in the same way as a filler rod is used in gas welding. This method of welding has been superseded by fluxed filler rods (or conventional welding electrodes).

A variation on a single carbon rod is two carbon rods. The arc is struck between the two carbon rods, which then produces a heat source and radiation similar to that of an oxy-acetylene torch.

This booklet describes the steps involved in making a carbon arc torch that can be operated from a standard AC arc welding machine. The carbon arc torch will do the same job as an Oxy-acetylene torch, you can braze, weld, hard face, heat metal for bending and forging, weld thin sheet metal. There are some advantages, there are no gas bottles to rent and store, and when doing work on thin metal, there is no jet of compressed gas to blow holes in your job.

The only disadvantage is that the carbon arc light is that strong, that you will need to arc welding shields instead of the oxy welding goggles.

Code No. 007920, 30 pages, $14.00

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