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How To Design and Build A Water Resistor for Carbon Arcs by D.A.Meador

This booklet is a companion to the book How to Build a Carbon Arc Torch. If you build a carbon arc torch, and do not have a welding machine to run it off, then the construction of a water resister to control current flow will enable you to operate the torch.

A water resister for high current flows is cheap and easy to make, and will do the same job as expensive commercially available resisters, (even though it might be a bit bulkier). Water resisters were commonly used in the late 1800's. No matter what you are experimenting with, if it carbon arcs, or something else that needs high current flow resisters, this book will give you all the information that you need.

The important details of:

  1. how big the bucket of water should be
  2. how much salt to add to the water
  3. what modern components can be used
  4. how to monitor the current
  5. how to regulate the current

As with all resisters, if it is not big enough for the application, it will get hot, and overheat. The advantage with water resisters is that this problem can be corrected by making the bucket bigger. Even if you are not going to dabble with this lost art, it is still interesting to read though the booklet and learn about what can be done.

Code No. 007977, 52 pages, $15.00

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