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Gunsmith Kinks Volume I, by Bob Brownell

An endless fountain of knowledge covering firearm care, service, repair and building.

Between its covers are the jewels and gems, the intimate trade secrets of the America's leading fulland part-time gunsmith, writers and basic authorities - proving that no one man can know all the answers - written in the language of the gun shop.

For the hunter, it is worth its weight in gold - just one of the many in-field "Service Kinks" by someone who has already solved the problem could save your hold.

For the target shooter, Any of the numerous accuracy gimmicks by the men who build the winners could bring those extra points for you when the chips are down.

For the Hobbyist, A mother lode of ideas and suggestions 100 men couldn't live long enough to develop. You will revel in the many ways to handle those touchy jobs that can cost you hours of work or a ruined gun if you don't know the answer.

Especially written, detailed, illustrated "how-to" articles in such fields as:

Code No. 008043, 496 pages, $78.00

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