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Smoke Ash and Steam West Coast Steam Engines (Marine) by R. Sheret

Have you ever wondered how steam engines work?

Smoke Ash and Steam explains how these engines worked. Steam engines were found in paddle-wheelers, freighters, tugs and passenger vessels. This book is published in Canada and covers engines that were used on steamers between San Fancisco and Alaska, it is still relevant to engines that were used else where. The many illustrations and photographs make the text easy to understand. The engines illustrated were used in coastal, river and deep water ships that operated between 1830 to 1960.

Chapter 1 - Steamships on the West Coast, a history, types of vessels, etc.

Chapter 2 - How does steam work.

Chapter 3 - Boilers. The development of boilers from flue to water tube.

Chapter 4 - Side wheelers. The low pressure engine including the famous Walking Beam Engine.

Chapter 6 - Stern wheelers. The high pressure horizontal engines.

Chapter 7 - Screw-driven Ships.

Code No. 008659, 106 pages, ISBN 0921107048, $36.30

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