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Expose' of Reposse' for the Beginning Blacksmith by Robert M. Heath

This book is about turning sheet metal from flat sheet into a three dimensional object. It could be anything from lightweight decorative objects to heavier body armour. And the result can be stunningly beautiful.

A review from David W. Wilson of the Reviewers Consortium in Dallas, Texas, says:

"Robert Heath shares some real treasures in Expose' of Reposse', both figurative and literal. First, he relates some experiences with the Mississippi Forge Council, a very inspirational group, rapidly becoming a hotbed of reposse' activity. Inspired by a demo in 1988, the author explores many facets of the art of reposse' ...

Presented with a project to replicate Spanish bells (c. 1540), the author describes the prices in wonderful detail. His manufacture and use of ingenious dies with research into Spanish and Roman bells is nothing short of incredible. Other projects refer to Civil War belt buckles, weather vanes, ornamental sun designs and armour. Each of these have related simple drawings and text complete with problems and solutions. One involves cracking of the hardened copper bell, neatly solved with a preparatory die. Only an experienced metal worker with vast metallurgical knowledge could relate to this level of wisdom ..." This is a small self-published book by someone who knows what he's talking about.

Code No. 008667, 62 pages, $19.00

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