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Designing the New Generation John Deere Tractors by Merle L. Miller

The atmosphere in the Dallas Coliseum was electric that hot August day in 1960. An audience of about 6,000 John Deere personnel, company officials and the press had gathered for the unveiling of a new product line. The shiny new green and yellow tractors were unlike anything they had ever seen. These tractors, with such innovative and advanced product designs, were truly a "New Generation".

The New Generation tractors included four models in order of increasing power: 1010, 2010, 3010 and 4010. The 1010 was principally a new four cylinder engine in the 430 tractor. The 2010 tractor was mostly new parts and represented a new larger size for the Dubuque factory. The 3010 and 4010 were completely new designs made in the Waterloo factory.

Author Merle Miller, a retired Deere engineer, tells the story of the 3010 and 4010 tractors in this book. The insider's account takes you behind the scenes and tells the history of what, how and why this program came into being. You will find out the conditions and events that led to this new product. You will discover the design choices that were made in each of the major tractor groups. You will see for yourself how the lines on the drawing board turned into actual iron and rubber. And finally you will learn the secrets behind the marketing introduction and security provisions that were taken to ensure the secrecy of this project.

If you are a John Deere enthusiast you must have this new book. It is a very interesting look inside the making of a very popular tractor.

Code No. 008840, 136 pages, ISBN 1892769042, $35.00

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