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Building the Small Cupola Furnace by Stewart Marshall

A book on home metal casting and building your own small iron foundry. This is a complete practical This is a very practical "how-to" book on casting iron and bronze at home for fun and profit. There are over 50 drawings along with detailed text describing the processes involved.

Described is the construction of a small cupolette furnace of 6" to 7" bore for casting 10 lbs. of iron, or 20 lbs. of bronze, then a larger 10" bore furnace is described. The tools of operating the furnace are described and illustrated, even a simple oxygen lance for clearing frozen tapholes.

Also there are home-made ladles, shanks, and even spark arresters and scrubbers for the furnace exhaust. There are green sand handling equipment such as aerating and screening. Lastly there is a description of a 13" diameter furnace (made out of two 44 gallon drums) that can be set up on a trailer as a portable furnace. Also there is some details on making cores, and formulae and recipes on all types of refractory and moulding mixes.

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