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How to Build a Three Horsepower Launch Engine by E.W. Roberts s/c

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This is a reprint of a 1901 text written by a well known engine designer with the intention of allowing an amateur to build patterns, machine the castings, assemble the engine, test the engine, and install it in a boat. The book has complete instructions and drawings for every part of the engine, including the igniter and the carburettor.

This engine has a five inch bore and six inch stroke. At 350 rpm it should generate three or four horsepower. This is a brief book, but it's loaded with details and dimensioned plans, but you must know at least a little something about building engines.

From the preface:

" ... the author has tried to point out the best way of making each part, more as a guide to the mechanic, and in order to help him work the parts in such a way as to get the best results, than to lay out a routine that he must follow ...

In regard to the patterns, and especially the cored work, the author advises the assistance at least of a good pattern-maker ...

The engine is so designed that it may be built with small tools, and for this reason the cylinder and the base are cast separately."

Code No. 008992, 66 pages, $32.00

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