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A Blacksmithing Primer A Course in Basic & Intermediate Blacksmithing

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Written by Randy McDaniel.

Step By Step illustrations and text for setting up a shop, forging and heat treating tools, forge welding, forging scrolls, leaves and heads. Plans to fabricate your own coal forge and Anvil.

The book contains more than 20 projects and over 400 drawings.

The author began his experience in blacksmithing with an 81 year old blacksmith in 1973. That was the spark that ignited his passion for forging hot metal. He has always found great enjoyment in introducing others to his craft. An important part of his blacksmithing experience has been advancing their skills and visions. Randy has taught basic and advanced workshops for more than twenty years. Randy's blacksmithing experience includes a wise diversity of works that runs the gamut from designing and producing personal and whimsical items from business card holders and furniture to large-scale lighting, gates, grilles, fountains and sculptural pieces.

The excellent illustrations are clear outline drawings of the steps involved in making the tools and items, with even the directions of the hammer blows marked.

Code No. 009202, 174 pages, ISBN 0966258908, $44.00

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