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Tabletop Machining A basic approach to making small parts on miniature machine tools by Joe Martin

Subtitled ...what every engineer should now about machining, machinists and manufacturing, written by Joe Martin.

This book gives you not just the "hows", but also the "whys" of machining practices. Included are down-to-earth descriptions as well as detailed photos and drawings. In addition, a large selection of project photos illustrate the amazing work that has been produced by craftsmen using these small but capable tools.

The information in this book came not from a college education or a library but from a lifetime of experience in the real world of machining. It came the hard way at the expense of busted knuckles, broken taps and scrapped parts. The author now owns and manages a successful company that manufactures miniature machine tools, but he started in a small shop with old tools and no money. Being a hobbyist as well, he is familiar with the needs of both the home shop machinist and the commercial manufacturer. His insights offer a unique and practical perspective on the equipment and processes of machining at both extremes... from intricate miniature machining projects to full size shop production tools.

This book is a gold mine of information for every prospective engineer or machinist.

Often engineers feel that their education has left them short-changed when it comes to real, practical knowledge of how machines and machinists actually go about working with metal. This book details "real world" practices in machining and gives a good insight into the challenges faced by machinists. Too often, good craftsmen are stopped from venturing forth because the only information available shows the technically perfect way to do things rather than the simple, practical methods everyone really uses. For those wishing to design and build their first metal parts, it is a perfect starting point, as it highlights the fun that comes from making small projects of precision and beauty.

Some of the subjects covered include:

Profusely illustrated with mostly colour photographs.

Code No. 009704, 346 pages, ISBN 0966543300, $78.00

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