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Electrical Boats and Navigation (1894) by T.C. Martin & J. Sachs

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Reprint of the original 1894 text with a new introduction by William C. Swanson and Afterword by Bill Durham.

So little changed, so much forgotten! Read the foundation text on electrical personal watercraft, steam-electric boats, submarines, canal boats, rental fleet operations, charging, motors, storage batteries, etc. Learn about early French, German and English electrics, and details of the original Electric Boat Company's boat at the World's Columbian Exposition.

See drawings of original electric launches, rowboats, catamarans, paddle wheelers, submarine, "dirigible" torpedoes, canal boats, etc.

Collectors can use the text and illustrations to identify earliest motors, controllers, batteries, accessories and electric boat artifacts.

For boat builders, naval architects, or the research library, this text details engineering fundamentals, and as a survey of early electric development, it fills a gap in history of technology literature

Code No. 009708, 256 pages, ISBN 0964120410, $159.00

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