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Technology's Past America's Industrial Revolution and the People Who Delivered the Goods by Dennis Karwatka, was $98 discounted

Inventors and technologists have played a major role in creating the productivity and comforts of modern life that most of us take for granted. These men and women focused on needs and problems in people's material lives and developed workable - and at times amazing - solutions. Some, like Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison, are recognized and valued as creative geniuses. Yet many remain among history's unsung heroes.

The author, Dennis Karwatka takes readers to times before the existence of electric lighting, city skyscrapers, affordable automobiles, and instant long distance communication. He shows how creative thinking and hard work led to the development of those and other notable innovations. Focusing on the human side of technology's history, he shows how initiative, persistence, faith in self, and desire to improve the lives of others have triumphed over skepticism and adversity. In a book that is both informative and enjoyable to read, the author also succeeds at making technical material understandable to a general audience.

From Benjamin Franklin and his innovative wood-burning stove in the early 1700s through to the people behind manned space flight in the late twentieth century, Technology's Past offers inspiration and fascinating reading for young and old alike.

Code No. 009731, 262 pages, ISBN 0911168915, $50.00

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