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Ordnance 1900-01 Articles from American Machinist Magazine

From out of the pages of American Machinist Magazine a century ago come seventeen articles recealing the history, design details and/or manufacturing techniques of various types of ordnance from Luger pistols to 12" coastal guns on disappearing carriages.

Tour of the government armory at Springfield MA. See mass production of the Krag-Jorgensen rifle. Discover the Pratt & Whitney machining procedures for military rifle barrels, from drilling and straightening to finish reaming, rifling and polishing.

See the English Cookson gun. Learn how turret lathes produced 30,000 Ashton horse pistols with percussion lock in the early 1800's.

Learn how machinists faced off the 16 foot diameter ring that carried the teeth needed to revolve the turrets of the battleships Kearsarge, Kentucky and Illinois.

Travel to South Africa to study construction of the four-inch gun, the "Long Cecil". Examine engineering details of the Lee straight-pull rifle - both the 1895 and 1899 models. Explore the history of rapid fire guns from a 14th century breech loading Chinese cannon to the "modern" Hotchkiss guns. Study the announcement of the German Borchardt-Luger pistol.

And finally, examine the engineering details of the guns being put on display at the Pan-American Exposition in St. Louis - from the 12" breech loading rifle on the disappearing carriage that could hurl half-ton shells at ships miles away to a steel mortar that could lob 12" shells at the enemy. You get several incredible detailed engineering drawings.

Code No. 009735, 80 pages, $29.50

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