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Small Diesel Engine Service Manual upto 160 cu. in. (2600cc)

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Covers the following makes and models:

Continental TMD13, TMD20, TMD27, TMDT27

Deutz F1L 208 D, F1L 210 D

Farymann 15A (K54), 18A/C (K64), 25A (L14), 36A (A10), 36E (A20), 71A (R10), 95A (S10)

Isuzu 2AA1, 2AB1, 3AA1, 3AB1, 2KA1, 2KB1, 2KC1, 3KA1, 3KB1, 3KC1

Kirloskar KA-27

Kubota EA400-N, EA400-NB, EA450-N, EA450-NB, EA500-N, EA500-NB, EA600-N, EA600-NB, D650-B, D750-B, D850-B, DH850-B, D950-B, Z500-B, Z600-B, ZB500C-B, ZB600C-B, DH1101-B, D1102-B, D1102-BC, D1301-B, D1302-B, D1402-B, S2200-B, S2600-B, V1501-B, V1502-B, V1502-BC, V1701-B, V1702-B, V1902-B, VT1502-B, Z751-B, Z851-B, D600-B, D640-B, Z400-B, Z430-B, D1302-DI, D1402-DI, V1702-DI, F2302-DI-B

Lister-Petter LT1, LV1, LV2, ST1, ST2, ST3, HR2, TL2, TL3, TS1, TS2, TS3, TR1, TR2, TR3, TX2, TX3, AA1, AB1, AC1, AC2, AC1Z, AC1ZS, AB1W, AC1W, AC2W, LPA2, LPA3, LPA4, LPW2, LPWS2, LPW3, LPWS3, LPW4, LPWS4, PH1, PH2, PJ1, PJ1Z, PJ2, PJ2Z, PJ3

Lombardini 3LD450, LDA450, 3LD510, LDA510, 3LD510/L, L8, 4LD640, LDA96, 4LD640/L, L10, FLD705, LDA100, 4LD820, LDA820, 4LD820/L, L14, 5LD675-2, LDA672, 5LD825-2, 832, 5LD825/L, L27, 5LD675-3, LDA673, 5LD825-3, 833, 5LD825-3/L, L40, 5LD930-3, 6LD260, 500, 6LD260/C, 6LD325, 520, 6LD325/C, 6LD360, 530, 6LD360/C, 6LD360/V, 6LD500, 7LD600/I, 710, 7LD665/I, 720, 7LD740/I, 8LD600-2, 904, 8LD665-2, 914, 8LD665-2/L, L20, 8LD740-2, 9LD560-2, 10LD360-2, 10LD400-2

Mitsubishi K31, K3C, K3D, K3H, K3M

MWM D202-2, D202-3, D302-1, D302-2, D302-3, D226-2, D327-2


Perkins 3.152, D3.152, AD3.152, 3.1522, 3.1524, T3.1524, 4.99, 4.107, 4.108, 4.154

Peugeot XDP4.88, XDP4.90, XD2P4.94, XD2PS, XC2PT

Slanzi DVA515, DVA1030, DVA1500, DVA1550, DVA1750, DVA1800, DVA2700, DVA3600, DVA3600TB

Volkswagen 068.2, 068.5, 068.A

Westerbeke W13 (4.4 KW), W18 (6 KW), W21 (8 KW), W27 (11 KW), W33 (12.5 KW), DW, WPD3, W7, WPD4, 10RWO

Wisconsin TRD1-375, TRD1-380, TRD1-480, TRD1-540, TRDI-605, TRD2-755, TRD2-850, TRD2-955, TRD2-1130, TRD2-1205, WD1-340, WD1-350, WD1-430, WD1-660, WD1-670, WD1-750, WD2-860, WD2-1000

Yanmar 1GM10, 2GM20, 3GM30, 3HM35, 2T73A, 2TR13A, 2T84A, 2TR20A-X, 3T84A, 3TN66E, 3TNA72E, 3TN75E, 3TN82E, 3TN84E, 4TN82E, L40E, L60E, L75E, L90E, TF50, TF60, TF70, TF80, TF90, TF110, TF120, TF140, TF160, 4JHE, 4JH-TE, 4JH-HTE, 4JH-DTE

Code No. 009850, $55.95

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