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Echoes from the Oil Country 4

This is the biggest and best collection yet. Biggest: almost twice the size of the first three collections. Best: In an eight part series complete with photographs he describes the process in detail of forming a partnership with several men, getting a lease, and hiring crews to erect an oil derrick and drill for oil.

And because he provides photos of the boilers, engines, sand reel, derrick, tools, nitroglycerin shack and the wagon, and more, you'll swear you're standing right there with him!

But you get many more. Some are the usual bizarre tales of repairing steam engines with cylinders lubricated with tallow, of nut-case inventors who were going to get rich, fish sucked into the water pump, the steam engine that blew up because it froze, and much more. Other stories are lectures to machinists about how the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence, and how to improve yourself so that you are more valuable to your employer.

More great articles from Will Osborne who, in 1902 and 1903, was writing one of the most popular columns ever to appear in American Machinist Magazine.

Code No. 010090, 175 pages, ISBN 1559182881, $21.00

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