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Building Stirling 1 A One Piston Hot Air Engine by E.T. Warbrooke

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The brainchild of Ted Warbrooke of New Zealand, Stirling 1 is a One Piston Hot Air Engine - it has NO Displacer, so that the piston, crankshaft and flywheel are the only moving parts. As such it is the simplest prime-mover you can make, and is a wonderful project for the beginner who wants to make something reasonably quickly that really works. Stirling 1 requires no castings, and can largely be made from bits in the scrap box. Simple, but accurate turning, some hand work and some soldering is all that is required to make this fascinating model.

Within the pages of this book you will find full plans for Stirling 1, together with assembly instructions, useful hints and tips for making hot air engines, and some ideas for how the basic idea can be taken further. This is an `ideas book' par excellence and whether you are new to model engineering, or are an experienced model engineer, you will find Stirling 1 a satisfying project in its own right, and a starting point for branching out on your own.

Code No. 010091, 25 pages, ISBN 0953652343, $17.00

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