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Echoes From the Oil Country Volume 5, Oct 1903 - Jan 1905

More tales from Osborne. Same interesting lessons and experiences that make us appreciate what "the ol' guys" could do with simple tools, lots of hard work, and the ever-essential imagination.

You get stories with titles like- a drilling wrinkle for the lathe, misled by reversing work, trouble with brass castings, a general utility boring bar holder, laying out an oil derrick, moving to the new shop, melting gray iron chips in the cupola, patternmaking in the small shop, reducing friction, introducing gas engines into oil country, a visit to the machinery hall at the St Louis Exhibition of 1904, and more.

Imagine you were saddled with the responsibility of moving lathes without damage from the second story of a large frame building to a new building half a mile away, using jacks and timbers, horse and buggy, and unpaved roads! Osborne pulled it off.

Tune into the arguments and discussion by Osborne and others about the experiments of remelting the enormous piles of gray iron chips created by machine tools. Only a couple methods could be used successfully, otherwise the new iron would be difficult, if not impossible, to machine.

Get Osborne's humorous observations on the hicks in the sticks when faced with getting a gas engine running and keeping it running. The ol' one-lungers could be a bit more cantankerous than our modern engines, but some oil men looked down on them as some kind of devil machine. Osborne learned 'em otherwise.

During this era Osborne was elevated to shop boss, and as a result, wrote many articles on business management that had little to do with machinery. The date and titles of those articles are listed here, but not reprinted.

Code No. 010589, 64 pages, $14.00

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