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How to Build the Wet/Dry Vac Precision Air Controller for Forge and Foundry by Don A. Meador

This book shows how to build a precision air controller from common plumbing parts. The text details how to make a custom fit to a wet/dry vac, how to keep sufficient air flowing over the wet/dry vac motor, and how to make a GFIC on-off switch for the vacuum. Then how to connect the air controller to Meador's Firepot, a commercial firepot, and a bucket foundry are shown. This is a very easy project that can be built quickly and easily.

After you built a solid fuel foundry furnace, blacksmith's firepot, or forge with little money, you looked for a source of forced air for it. When you discovered what a foundry or forge blower cost, you decided to use a wet/dry vac, hair dryer, or a house vacuum cleaner. With the vacuum set to exhaust, you pointed the hose towards the air inlet and adjusted it a little off-center so that just the right amount of air blew into the opening. Everything was ready, and then your clumsy trick-foot kicked the hose forcing you to waste the next twenty minutes readjusting the hose. If this sounds like your experiences and you would like to convert that wasted time into useful foundry or blacksmithing time, then this text is for you. In these pages you will learn how to build an Air Controller that will custom fit to your wet/dry vac and give you precise control over the air flow. In addition, detailed instructions are given on how to make a rock-solid connection of the Air Controller to a commercial firepot used on a coal forge, to Meador's Blacksmith Firepot, or to a bucket foundry furnace. Get this text so you can precisely control your air source and have more fun with your hobby.

Code No. 010698, 21 pages, $10.00

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