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Lathe Notes Volume 5 (Machinery's Industrial Secrets)

The saddle on a lathe must be substantial to withstand the enormous forces of cutting metal without flexing or distorting. A short article complete with diagrams and several formulas examine the forces that are set up and must be compensated for. If you're building a lathe, there may be something here of importance for you.

Then you get details on cutting coarse threads on a standard lathe, how one machinist cut worm gears with an improvised hobb, as well as a longer article on hobbing in general.

Three lengthy articles will reveal a variety of tailstock designs that were common about 75 years ago. You get mechanical drawings and descriptions. Many are not commonly seen these days like cross-slide tailstocks, double tailstocks, and tailstocks with work drive.

Then a short humorous story of how a machine shop pro fixed the lathe that wouldn't turn straight.

Two different articles from 1916 and 1923 reveal the steps taken in inspecting new lathes to be sure they meet specifications. Included are drawings showing tests for alignment of spindle to ways, headstock-tailstock alignment, and a nine step chart for testing a lathe.

Finally you get a short lesson on how back-gear ratios are chosen, along with details on the Lorch short bed precision lathe.

Code No. 010854, 64 pages, $17.00

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