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Norfolk & Suffolk in the Age of Steam by Howard Stephens, was $67

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Most people regard the steam age as starting at some time in the late Eighteenth Century and drawing to a close between the introduction of the practical internal combustion and diesel engines in the early Twentieth Century. Steam on the railways of course continued into the 1950s. The aim of this book is to look at that period when steam was the only effective alternative to the horse or to wind-power. It takes a snapshot of Norfolk and Suffolk in that period - a time that was to change the face of the region more quickly and more dramatically than ever before. This book looks at the development of the Steam Age in Norfolk and Suffolk and examines some of the reasons for the different pace of development in East Anglia. It also examines some of the paradoxes that led to the region playing a leading role in the Steam Age. It contains remarkable stories from the golden age of steam and, while in some cases the history is all but forgotten and the physical evidence has all but disappeared, this book is an attempt to freeze time so that this fascinating and critical part of the history of our counties is not lost forever.

The book is crammed full of mostly old but also some current photos of a whole range of steam powered machinery, from traction and ploughing engines, portables, rollers and wagons through to mill engines and locomotives.

Code No. 010889, 160 pages, ISBN 1841142166, $49.00

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