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Acres of Records Part 1 Ploughing and Seeding at Speed DVD

The People

Drivers, technicians and personnel: the faces behind the records.

The Technology

Tractors and ploughs: behind the scenes of the manufacturers. All the ploughing records of the past 10 years, from 100 ha to 250 ha in 24 hours.


Edgar Heil, a farmer from southern Germany, is the first to establish a record of more than 100 ha in the discipline of 24-hour ploughing.


Case IH and Lemken beat the record byploughing 127 ha.


French surprise: By ploughing 180 ha in 24hours Maurice Donval is rewarded with anentry into the Guinness Book of Records.


Make room fort the Quadtrac: Case IH andthe Grégoire-Besson company teams breakthrough the 200 ha limit.


Formula 1 in the field. Massey-Ferguson andGrégoire-Besson squaring the circle: 251 ha in 24 hours !!!


Rapid Race 24h: Voderstad, the Swedish culti-vation specialist, enters the circuit for record drilling.

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