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Metalworking Tools and Techniques by Stan Bray

Metalworking is written for everyone inspired by the versatility of metal. It explains the many techniques that form the basics of this craft, from traditional methods of measuring and marking out to more recent practices such as the use of adhesives and inert gases for joining metals together.

With some 200 illustrations, the clear text shows you how to use these techniques and offers tips on their application.

The basic skills and techniques of metalworking follow age-old traditions and today are used for recreation as well as in industry, resulting in them being used in an increasing number of applications. For instance, there is the horologist who uses them for wheel and pinion cutting, the craftsman who makes artistic ironwork from candlesticks to furniture, and the model-maker who will frequently use the whole range of skills to make a model. All these diverse applications require the ability to use metalworking tools, to read drawings, to measure and mark out, to saw and file accurately, to drill a hole in the right place and to make a thread.

This book explains these skills, introducing the material itself and the properties of metals, and then covers the basics. Drawing on the author's considerable experience, it also advises on many of the tools to be used for each technique and suggests ways to get the best results. For those with more experience, it includes advice on advanced work, particularly the use of modern materials.

Code No. 011170, 176 pages, ISBN 1861265735, $65.00

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