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How to Teach Yourself Blacksmithing with Clay by Don A. Meador

This book shows you the basic blacksmithing techniques such as drawing out, curls, twisting, upsetting, punching, and splitting. These techniques are then applied to several projects. This is all done with clay! Why use clay? Clay moves very similarly to the way heated metal moves, but without the dangers of hot metal or the requirement of a lot of expensive blacksmithing equipment. In this way, a person that is uncomfortable with a hammer can learn how to use a hammer without worrying about getting burned, and then move to hot iron with confidence. However, this text is not limited to beginners. Since you don't need a forge, you don't have to wait for anything to heat up and you can take as long as you want to figure out the exact place to hit. If you're wrong, no problem. In a matter of seconds you can reform the clay back one step and try again. This book could be just the thing to push you over the hump from a beginner blacksmith to an advanced blacksmith. This text describes which clays are the best, how to condition the clay, and how to build a rolling board and clay cutter to make almost any size or square or round rod you need.

Code No. 011515, 36 pages, $19.25

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