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The Mini-Tinker tool & Cutter Griding Jig plans (must use with full size plans)

The Mini-TINKER is a more recent development from N.W. Tinker, the inventor of the TINKER Tool & Cutter Grinding Jig.

Re-designed and simplified for the smaller lathe/mill user, the Mini-TINKER is ideal for the home shop machinist who uses smaller cutters, and/or does not need all the capabilities of the regular TINKER Tool & Cutter Grinding Jig.

The Mini-TINKER can be built to take cutter shanks up to 3/8". If the Tool holder is limited to 4" overall length, you could go to a 5/8" cutter socket; alternatively #1 or #2MT sockets could be used.

The Mini TINKER is a simplified, smaller, and somewhat less versatile version of the TINKER Tool & Cutter Grinding Jig. It uses no castings, the frame being instead built up from 3 pieces of 3/8" steel or aluminum plate. The 3 pieces are rectangular or triangular in shape, and can therefore be readily milled, or even hacksawed and filed to profile. Assembly of the frame pieces is via 1/4" socket head cap screws, so the Mini-TINKER doesn't even require any welding.

Customers wishing to build the Mini-TINKER will be supplied with a set of Tinker's own drawings, re-dimensioned in inches, and showing North American threads. You will also receive an edited (= improved) version of his Construction Notes and User Instructions, into which has been woven some of Tinker's comments about various aspects of the Mini-TINKER's design and construction.

There is no plan to make a Mini-TINKER prototype here, and then turn out a whole new set of drawings, replete with copious and helpful notes. Therefore, those ordering Mini-TINKER drawings must order a complete set of regular TINKER Drawings as well. By studying these, plus the Mini-TINKER drawings and notes as above, you should be able to build the Mini-TINKER without difficulty.

Code No. 012020, $10.00

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