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The Artful Bodger's Iron Casting Waste Oil Furnace by Colin Peck

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This furnace will melt cast iron as easily as it melts aluminium or brass, it just takes a little longer and things get a little hotter!

The few pennies for the blower electricity are all it costs to run, so using scrap metal, re-usable sand for the moulds and waste oil for the fuel, how cheap can it get!

The 10" dia. x 16" h. internal size has room for a 5 litre steel pot of aluminium, or a no. 8 crucible of cast iron (approx.. 24 Ibs.) with ease, possibly more. If this isn't enough for your needs, then build it bigger or build two!

This simple to build, but versatile design allows for some metals to be melted directly in the furnace with no crucible, being tapped and poured from the spout, the whole furnace can be easily tilted to aid the metal to flow out. This means scrap too large even to fit in the furnace, can be melted by carefully placing it over the open top and allowing the molten metal to gather in the well for tapping!

Alternatively, modify your existing furnace to use the waste oil burning system for next to nothing!

Code No. 012026, 85 pages, ISBN 0954689518, $48.00

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