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American Marine Engines 1885-1950 by Stan Grayson, was $62, now discounted

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This landmark book, based on extensive nation-wide research with original source materials, is the most complete work yet published on American and Canadian marine engine builders and their products. The book features over 400 photos, ads, and drawings. There are fascinating chapters tracing the industry's development from a few pioneer companies to many hundreds of firms large and small, technological evolution, even chapters on engine collecting and research. Central to the book are the alphabetically arranged portraits of hundreds of companies both large and small. A comprehensive index and a bibliography are included.

Part I, Marine Engines Then and Now gives readers an overall background on the industry

Chapter 1, The Great Invention examines how the work of key pioneers in California, Michigan, and New England sowed the seeds for a great industry. The author discusses how the marine engine evolved and how the industry developed through economic ups and downs before finally changing forever in the post-World War II era.

Chapter 2, Technology offers fascinating information on how the marine engine developed from primitive early models to ever more sophisticated, reliable, and efficient engines. Included are clear descriptions of make-and-break and jump-spark ignition, 2-port vs. 3-port design, valve layout, current sources, vaporizers and carburetors, lubrication, and much more.

Chapter 3, Collecting discusses what makes some engines more collectible than others, and offers tips that will assist in identifying an engine and estimating its relative value. Useful charts are included.

Chapter 4, Research reveals how to pursue information about a specific company using a variety of sources. The author offers step-by-step guidance and advice on how to avoid common pitfalls that lead to mistakes and misinformation.

Part II, Portraits from a Vanished World includes an encyclopedic listing of hundreds of American and Canadian marine engine companies. You'll find important histories of Kermath, Palmer, Universal, Termaat & Monahan, Scripps, and the author's latest research results involving the various pioneering efforts of the Sintz family. What's more, the listings include dozens of lesser-known but fascinating companies like Stanley, Caron, Antoinette, Fahrney, and Essex. The sometimes convoluted histories of companies whose names were changed or who were bought by other firms are described as appropriate.

Code No. 013469, 248 pages, ISBN 9781928862130, $36.00

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