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More than a Century of The Clydesdale Horse in Queensland A Chronicle of the Breeding, Showing and Working of this Wonderful Horse Vol. 2

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  1. Romance and Reality - Travelling 'On the Road' with Clydesdales "Lady Pearl" - the Doug Bunker story; the hows and whys of starting out Stephen Bridgement - Drover; the hows and whys, and ending up
  2. Gatton College and the Department of Agriculture: Assessing the Clydesdale
    Inspections for Soundness
    The "State Stallions" story
    The "College" Clydesdale Stud
    At Work and at Play at the College
  3. The Origins of the Breed, Soundness, and associated veterinary issues
    Survey of Judges
    Recognising Hereditary Unsoundnesses: Stringhalt, Side Bone, Ringbone, Bog Spavin, Parrot Mouth, Cataracts, A Cronk Horse
    The Internal Aspect of the Hoof
    Conformation Faults: Calf Knees, Straight Hocks, Sickle Hocks, Roach Back
    Some Other Issues: Umbilical Hernia, Curly Feather, Eye Cancer, Swamp Cancer, Modern Technology Fixes Fractured Foot, Canker Catastrophe Cured, Castration of Colts - a text from 1915, "Old Bill's Remedies" (W.Evans, Caringal Stud)
  4. Historical Champions from the Brisbane Royal Show
  5. "Heads...or Tails?" Plaiting the clydesdale from 1900 to 2008
  6. Modern Breeders, since 1980
  7. Foals, foaling problems and some solutions
    Kick-start Early Arrivals, Raising Piper
    Raising an Orphaned Clydesdale Foal, Largo-The Diary of a Foal
    Genetics - the Growth of the Foal
  8. The Four Bigger Working Horse Field Days in Queensland - a brief history
    "Gatton" CHHFDA, "Jondaryan" WDHE, "Prenzlau", "Yangan"
  9. Working the Horse - anecdotes and technical information from the field
    Ploughing, Scooping, Harvesting, Pulleyblock Traces (Col & Bill Wade)
    Horseworks (Merv Krafft), Old Remedies (Selby Keys & Ken McCauley)
    Droving and Farming Memories (John Fergusen), Roadmaking
    Bore Drain Delving, Tank Sinking and Working Teams (Blue Bunyan)
    Logging in the Bunya Mountains
  10. Influential Identities
    RM Williams, Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen, Ron Edwards OAM.
    Don Ross, Graham Jensen OAM
  11. The New Millennium - from 2001
    The Qld Branch CCHS Junior Championships, Training Day/Gelding Show
    Do Draughts do Dressage? (Anita Scampton and Eucalypt Park Chieftain)
    The Equine Influenza epidemic, The Hendra Virus
    The "Horse Breeds Expo" display at the Ekka
  12. Stationary in Perpetuity - Statues and Memorials to the clydesdale horse throughout Australia: WA, SA, Vic. & Qld
  13. Miscellanea
    The "Blessing of the Plough" ceremony at the Ekka
    "Wal's Hat, Wal's Mate",The Victorian Bushfire-Aid Hay Run
    Horse Brasses and Bells
    Starting Misty in Harness
    Our Tribute to the Working Horse
    Harness Measurements
    Farriery and Poetry
    If a Horseshoe Brings Good Luck (Carlyle Crystal)
  14. Stepping into the Future - a glimpse at some of the Younger Generation
  15. Appendices - Tables, Lists and Show Results
    Qld Branch CCHS Executive 1926 - 2008
    State, Federal and Past Clydesdale Judges
    Rank of Exhibitors at Brisbane Royal Show 1900 - 2008
    'Best Gelding' results, Brisbane Royal 1985 - 2008
    'Best Junior' Clydesdales, Brisbane Royal 1980 - 2008
    Senior Brisbane Royal Champions and Reserves 1900 - 2008
    'Gatton' Field Day Geldings, Junior and Senior Champions 1978 - 2009
    'Jondaryan' Expo Geldings, Junior and Senior Champions 1984 - 2009
    Qld Branch Junior Championships Champions 2001 - 2009
    Sydney Royal Show Champions 1912 - 2009
    Melbourne Royal Show Champions 1914 - 2008
    List of current 2008-09 Qld Branch CCHS members
    Stud Advertisements and notices

Code No. 014094, 288 pages, ISBN 9780646517698, $47.00

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