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Alex Moulton from Bristol to Bradford-on-Avon - a lifetime in engineering by Alex Moulton

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This book is primarily a personal diary of a very technically inclined member of the British privileged class. Alex Moulton's story of his life is told in 320 pages, including appendices, and involves four phases: growing up and getting educated, including a delayed doctorate in engineering; work at Bristol Engines, mostly on the Centaurus radial; work in the family business of elastomeric (rubber) suspensions for vehicles; designing and producing his own bicycle of unusual geometry, steam engines, and pastimes. The rubber and bicycle periods are the most lengthy, and make the most interesting design and industrial-history discussion. Only twenty pages cover the Bristol Centaurus period, and Moulton wound up working on his boss's (Roy Fedden) car project some of the time during the Bristol and rubber phases. Sixty nine pages of technical notes taken during the educational times (formal and informal) in his life are included. This reviewer was hoping for more lessons learned in the Centaurus program.

Softbound, 208mm x 294mm x 20mm

Over 300 photographs/illustrations

Code No. 015121, 320 pages, ISBN 9781872922393, $75.00

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