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David Gingery's Green Sand Casting Techniques DVD 95 minutes

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By Dave & Vince Gingery

Produced by David J. Gingery Publishing, LLC

In this film, you have the opportunity to look in as Dave and Vince Gingery discuss the many benefits of adding a foundry to the home workshop, and how the home foundry was used to form the basis for building the complete machine shop series of projects.

From there, you will head outside for a close up view of the charcoal furnace as we assemble the necessary items, light the fire, and actually go through the complete process of melting and pouring aluminium.

Next, you will join Dave in his home shop foundry where he will teach you what is required to build a Green-Sand mold as he provides the detailed step-by-step instruction on how to do it. You will also see Dave's Gas Fired Crucible Furnace in action as he melts the aluminium required to pour a model engine flywheel casting.

Finally, you are shown many of the models and machines Dave has made using scrap metal.

As an added bonus, see close up video of the Atkinson Cycle and Atkinson Differential engines running. In addition, see the Gingery Horizontal/Vertical Metal Cutting Bandsaw in action.

As you take this opportunity to learn from Dave, the `do-it-yourself' master himself, you will soon appreciate how simple, fun, and practical adding a home foundry to your workshop can be.

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