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In Pursuit of the Perfect Shop by J. Randolph Bulgin

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The third book from J. Randolph Bulgin In Pursuit of THE PERFECT SHOP, where you join the master machinist in the exhilarating journey toward the Perfect Shop

In Pursuit of THE PERFECT SHOP is from the experiences of J. Randolph Bulgin with more than fifty years of metal working. From the practical to the frivolous, you will enjoy every chapter of this book. This book deserves a place on your shelf beside Randolph's Shop and Building Shop

There are articles on building a large belt sander/linisher, machining and measuring tapers and angles, heat treating, rotary milling, spiders and steady rests, tool posts, and To Cool or Not to Cool, and more.

As one of the most popular authors in the Village Press metalworking magazines, Randolph's words and easy-to-follow and learn-from writing style has helped new hobbyists (and experienced metalworkers) build a strong foundation of machining knowledge - both as a hobby and a profession. In Pursuit of the Perfect Shop adds another cornerstone to that foundation.


Code No. 015519, ISBN 9780978547523, $75.00

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