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Low Loader Hire in the Geelong Area

Moving a Hydraulic Excavator
O&K Hydraulic Excavator

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Stephen Larcombe
P.O. Box 14, Belmont, Vic. 3216, Australia
415 Reservoir Rd., Pettavel
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The gooseneck folds down to make a flat ramp, ideal in slippery conditions or for smooth tracked machinery. Loading a Ruston Bucyrus 19RB dragline
Loading 19RB dragline

Dimensions of the trailer

In the process of folding up the gooseneck
folding the gooseneck

Winching up a 25 Tonne excavator
winching a load on

Finished loading the 25 Tonne excavator
Loaded after winching

Some of the jobs we have done in the past:

Draglines, Ruston Bucyrus 19RB
Ruston Bucyus 19RB
Draglines, Kockum KL250
Kockums KL250
Draglines, Harman 15 ton, there is a little too much rear overhang, suitable for off road transport only, the boom would need to be unbolted in the middle and shortened for road transport.
Harman 15 Ton dragline
Hydraulic Excavator
JSW excavator

Using a jib on the truck to attach the blade to a Caterpillar D8
attaching the blade to the dozer

Winching up a Caterpillar D8
winching the dozer

Caterpillar D8 Loaded
Loaded after winching

Internatonal Bulldozer
IHC Bulldozer
Vickers Bulldozer
Vickers Bulldozer
Truck Crane
Truck Crane
Tractor Crane
Tractor Crane
Power Screen
Power Screen
Boom Lifts
Boom Lifts
New Holland Header
New Holland Header
Four Wheel Drive Loader and small Forklift
4 Wheel Drive Loader
Scrap Steel
Scrap Steel
Scrap Steel

Large Tank
large tank
Anti Air Craft Gun
Anti Air Craft Gun
Farm Machinery
Ploughs, cultivators, Caterpillar, Bulldog and Chamberlain
The complete hay making kit

Milling Machines
Milling Machines
Wabco Dump Truck
Wabco LW18 dump truck
Muir Hill Tractors
Muir Hill 161 Tractors
Old Cable face shovels
Harman KL225 Ruston Bucyrus 22RB Shovel

Harman 15B Backactor
Harman 15B Backhoe
Old Oliver DDH wrecked dozers, and the forklift that loaded them
Oliver DDH dozers
McLaren Traction Engine
McLaren Traction Engine
Unloading Ruston Hornsby 6VEBX diesel engine
Ruston 6VEBX
Ruston Hornsby 6VCB Diesel engine (weighing over 7 ton), and the forklift that loaded it
Ruston 6VCB
Unloading Ruston Hornsby 3VCB Diesel engine and forklift
Ruston 3VCB
Insley/Blaw Knox excavator
Insley Excavator
3 Old Jelbart tractors
Jelbart tractors
Rumely, McDonald, and Titan tractors
3 old tractors
Old Portable Steam Engines
3 Portable Steam Engines
1923 Ruston Steam Shovel, being winched on (left), and towed off with the dozer (right). The shovel needed a 5 metre over height permit to transport.
winching the shovel on Unloading the shovel

Steam train
Steam Train
Pushing a steam loco on over temporary track, using empty rail trucks between the pushing loco, and the Steam Loco
Steam loco pushed on
The Loaded steam loco
Loaded Steam Train

A load of what will be firewood
Round bales of Grass hay, old bales do not stack that neatly
Round bales of grass hay
Bales of wool
Bales of Wool

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