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Air Board Technical Notes (Engines) 1917

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The original from which this book is reproduced was published c. 1917 for use of the technicians then engaged in keeping the Royal Flying Corps, and Royal Naval Air Service aloft. These were merged to form the Royal Air Force in 1918. Very faint writing in the original suggests it was used by a Lt. H.C.R. Nelson of the Australian Flying Corps and possibly a Corporal Brait who was presumably the one who made full use of the information.

As a window into the past these Notes are unique, and graphically illustrate how quickly I.C. engine technology was being developed under the pressures arising from World War I. We hope that the historian, technician and model-maker will benefit from the wealth of information in the pages.

Engines covered: 90 H.P. R.A.F. 1.a.; 120 H.P. Beardmore; 80 H.P. Gnome; 100 H.P. Monosoupape; 80 H.P. Le Rhone; 110 H.P. Clerget

Code No. 008237, 188 pages, $22.00

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