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Sectional Drawings of Piston Aero Engines by Lyndon Jones

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Softbound, 420mm x 296mm x 5mm

36 drawing spreads

Reviewed by Kimble D. McCutcheon

Born in 1924, Lyndon Jones trained as a flight mechanic after joining the Royal Air Force in 1942. While working on a wide range of aircraft both in the UK and elsewhere, Jones learned the basics of aeronautical engineering and developed a talent for drawing. After WWII he worked for Handley Page, Rolls-Royce, Gloster Aircraft Company, and Atomic Energy Research Establishment as a technical artist. From WWII onward he produced a series of sectioned drawings of airplanes, engines, steam locomotives, motorcycles and even cathedrals. Upon his retirement, Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust received custody of his engine drawings, which form the content of this book.

Each of the 36 double-A3-sized spreads features a sectioned engine drawing, a description, detail drawings of the engine internals and/or installation, and often a drawing of an airplane in which the engine flew. This is an outstanding reference for the engine enthusiast; it's not bad eye candy either.

Code No. 011174, 77 pages, ISBN 1872922074, $57.00

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